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Avian Supplements


To order product, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button corresponding with the applicable size of the product you would like to buy. This will open a separate "shopping cart" page. If you are buying multiple products - leave this page open! It will update itself as you add product. When you are done selecting the products you would like, simply click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button!


Note: If you plan on ordering more than 15lbs worth of seed and/or product - PLEASE contact me in advance by emailing me at
My shopping cart is not set up to calculate accurate shipping charges past 15lbs and therefore will not charge you an accurate amount, which means I may need to invoice you for the difference.
By contacting me in advance, I can create an invoice for the entire order and avoid the miscalculated shipping issues.

Also - the shipping charges in my shopping cart are estimates based on data from USPS and UPS. If for any reason you are over charged for shipping, I will always refund the difference.

Thank you for understanding!

Although my shopping cart is hosted through paypal, you do not need to have a paypal account to order from me!

Please review the Morning Bird Product Interaction Chart before making your purchase




Bee Pollen 
BEE POLLEN is the most complete, concentrated food found in nature and is an all natural source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The nutritive, detoxifying, and healing properties of BEE POLLEN has been recognized for years. Use BEE POLLEN to boost the immune system and help prevent disease.
3 Ounze is powdered; 1 lb is Granules.

Bee Pollen
3 Oz - $5.50 Store Closed Temporarily
1 lb - $25.50 Store Closed Temporarily

Calcium Plus 
CALCIUM PLUS is a concentrated, pre-dissolved, highly bio-available form of calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium formulated for maximum intestinal absorption. Calcium deficiency in birds can cause egg binding, feather plucking, splay legs, nervousness, poor muscle control and other health problems.

Calcium Plus
4 Fl.Oz. - $15.25 Store Closed Temporarily
8 Fl.Oz. - $20.80 Store Closed Temporarily
16 Fl.Oz. - $28.55 Store Closed Temporarily
32 Fl.Oz. - $47.25 Please Contact to Order

Feather Fast 
FEATHER FAST is dietary supplement of high potency vitamin, mineral, amino acid and concentrated protein designed to aid and promote successful moults in all birds. FEATHER FAST provides a broad spectrum of nutrients necessary to produce vibrant, brightly colored, healthy feathers in all birds.

Feather Fast
3 Oz. - $11.15 Store Closed Temporarily
6 Oz. - $18.55 Store Closed Temporarily
1 Pound - $39.00 Store Closed Temporarily

Hearty Bird 
HEARTY BIRD is a concentrated, high potency vitamin/mineral supplement for all birds. This product provides a broad spectrum of nutrients necessary for proper growth and immune system functioning during all stages of development. HEARTY BIRD is manufactured from the finest human grade vitamins and minerals available.

Hearty Bird
3 Ounce - $11.55 Store Closed Temporarily
6 ounce - $19.00 Store Closed Temporarily
1 lb - $38.85 Store Closed Temporarily

Breeder's Blend 
BREEDERS BLEND is a dietary supplement supporting successful breeding in all birds. BREEDERS BLEND dramatically increases dietary protein to assist in bringing the bird into breeding condition while providing a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary to improve fertility in adult birds, promote healthy chick growth, stimulate the immune system and establish a healthy intestinal tract flora.

Breeder's Blend
1.5 Oz. - $9.50 Store Closed Temporarily
4 Oz. - $14.25 Store Closed Temporarily
10 Ounce - $26.55 Store Closed Temporarily

Powdered Kelp
POWDERED KELP is a dietary supplement designed to address iodine deficiencies in birds. Iodine is required for proper thyroid functioning. Iodine deficiencies can result in difficult moults, poor feather condition, breathing and singing problems, inactivity and poor breeding. POWDERED KELP provides the extra dietary iodine needed by Australian finches and eliminates balding in Gouldian finches.

Powdered Kelp
3 Ounce - $7.00 Store Closed Temporarily
1 Pound - $28.50 Store Closed Temporarily

PROBIOTICS is a live microbial food supplement that greatly enhances the natural intestinal microbe balance. PROBIOTICS should be used to re-establish normal gut flora after diarrhea, stressful situations, infections, or use of antibiotics. Safe for young and adult birds.

3 Oz. - $15.50 Store Closed Temporarily
6 Oz. - $24.50 Store Closed Temporarily
1 Pound - $45.95 Store Closed Temporarily

SPARKLE is a very safe, non-toxic, concentrated liquid that greatly retards the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and other pathogens in drinking water. SPARKLE is ideal for use when soaking seeds keeping water sparkling clean and hygienic.

4 Fl.Oz. - $14.00 Store Closed Temporarily
8 Fl.Oz. - $16.85 Store Closed Temporarily
16 Fl.Oz. - $22.85 Store Closed Temporarily
32 Fl.Oz. - $39.00 Store Closed Temporarily




SPIRULINA is an edible, dried, microscopic, freshwater blue-green algae phytoplankton that contains up to 70% protein, 26 times the calcium in milk, and is far more nutritious than any known food. SPIRULINA is a rich source of phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B-12, beta carotene, iron and the essential fatty acids.

SPIRULINA has been shown to dramatically increase fertility in birds, stimulate breeding, produce brighter plumage, raise resistance to disease, increase intestinal tract flora, and promote overall good health.

3 oz - $19.50

Store Closed Temporarily


THRIVE is a full spectrum blend of high potency vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and protein for sick or injured birds. These ingredients provide a highly nutritious energy supplement improving the bird's immune system and ability to fight disease. THRIVE is also an excellent supplement for use in hand rearing chicks.

Thrive - 3oz - $18.50

Store Closed Temporarily

Trace Minerals Powder 
Trace minerals are essential to the assimilation and utilization of vitamins and other nutrients in birds. TRACE MINERALS POWDER aids in the digestive process and serves as a catalyst for many enzymes, hormones, and essential bodily functions necessary for health and vitality.

Trace Minerals Powder
4 Ounce - $9.65 Store Closed Temporarily
1.5 Pound - $34.60 Store Closed Temporarily


VITALIZE is a dietary supplement for the treatment of dehydration and exhaustion in birds. All birds tend to dehydrate when subjected to stress. VITALIZE is intended to treat and help prevent dehydration and exhaustion as a result of illness, injury or stress. VITALIZE provides needed body salts and glucose energy and is useful to birds being shown, transported or relocated.

Vitalize - 3oz - $15.65

Store Closed Temporarily

Finely Crushed Charcoal

Crushed Charcoal acts as a digestive aid for birds. It provides large amounts of surface area for absorption of toxins and contaminants, and fights hyperacidity of the gut. It also sweetens the crop and intestinal tract. Offer free choice in treat cups or mix with the Hatched! Crushed Egg Shell, sold separately.

3oz. - $1.75

Store Closed Temporarily


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