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Avian Medications


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Note: If you plan on ordering more than 15lbs worth of seed and/or product - PLEASE contact me in advance by emailing me at
My shopping cart is not set up to calculate accurate shipping charges past 15lbs and therefore will not charge you an accurate amount, which means I may need to invoice you for the difference.
By contacting me in advance, I can create an invoice for the entire order and avoid the miscalculated shipping issues.

Also - the shipping charges in my shopping cart are estimates based on data from USPS and UPS. If for any reason you are over charged for shipping, I will always refund the difference.

Thank you for understanding!

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Please review the Morning Bird Product Interaction Chart before making your purchase



Amoxitex is a broad spectrum antibiotic used for the treatment of non-chlamydial intestinal and respiratory bacterial infections in birds.

Active Ingredients:
Amoxicillin Trihydrate 150mg/g
Tylosin Tartrate 100mg/g

3oz - $33.50 Store Closed Temporarily
6oz - $52.50 Store Closed Temporarily

Blood Stop Powder 
Blood Stop Powder is a hemostatic styptic powder used to stop bleeding from minor cuts, wounds, and over trimmed toenails.

2 ounce - $6.30
ON SALE! $5.50

Store Closed Temporarily

Cocci-Care is a formulation for the prevention of coccidian protozoa intestinal infections. Please note: Cocci-Care does not cure coccidiosis, it is simply a preventive.

Active Ingredients:
Amprolium 80 g/L
Ethopabate 5.1 g/L

Symptoms of Coccidiosis Infection include, but are not limited to:
* Fluffed feathers and inactive
* Shaking
* Weight Loss
* Watery droppings
* Dark green, tacky, smelly diarrhea
* Blood in droppings
* Sudden death

2 fl.oz. - $12.15

Store Closed Temporarily

Iverlux is a treatment for airsac mite and scaley face/leg mite infections.

Active Ingredients:
Ivermectin 0.8 g/L
Slippery Elm

Symptoms of Air Sac Mite Infection may include:

* Labored breathing
* Coughing
* Clicking noise while breathing
* Unable to sing
* Sneezing
* Nasal discharge

Store Closed Temporarily

Liquid Iodine
Liquid Iodine is a dietary supplement designed to address possible iodine deficiencies in birds. Iodine is required for proper thyroid functioning. Iodine deficiencies can result in difficult moults, poor feather condition, breathing and singing problems, inactivity and poor breeding. Liquid iodine provides the extra dietary iodine needed by Australian finches and may help eliminate balding in some Gouldian finches.

Active Ingredients:
Potassium Iodide
Atlantic Macrocystis Pyrifera Sea Kelp
Sodium Benzoate

Store Closed Temporarily

Pestex is a mite and lice spray that can be applied directly to birds, their cages and living environments. Avoid spraying directly into eyes or into birds' water and/or food sources. Safe to use on birds of all ages!

Active Ingredients:
Pyrethins 0.03%
Piperonyl Butoxide Technical 0.30%
Inactive Ingredients 99.67%

8 fl.oz. pump spray - $7.00

Out of Stock

Ronex is a treatment for canker (Trichomonas), giardia and other protozoal infections.

Active Ingredients:
Ronidazole 6%

Symptoms of Protozoal Infection Include, but are not limited to:
* Canker - large yellowish masses in the throat or crop
* weight loss
* diarrhea
* dark green droppings not associated with changes in diet
* regurgitation
* dried saliva around beak

3oz - $17.75 $15.50 Store Closed Temporarily
6oz - $35.00 $30.00Store Closed Temporarily

Tetratex is a broad spectrum antibiotic used for the treatment of chlamydial and other intestinal or respiratory bacterial infections in birds.

Active Ingredients:
Tetracycline Hydrochloride 250mg/level teaspoon

Symptoms of bacterial infection may include:
* Obvious change in behavior or appearance
* Ruffled or fluffed feathers
* Lethargy
* Diarrhea
* Sneezing
* Unusual or difficult breathing
* Not eating
* Closed or watery eyes
* Sitting low on perch

3oz - $30.15 Store Closed Temporarily
6oz - $47.25 Store Closed Temporarily

Worm Away
Worm Away eliminates a variety of intestinal worms found in birds.

Active Ingredients:
Praziquantel 20 g/L
Oxfendazole 20 g/L

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasite Infection may include:
* weight loss
* visible ribbons in droppings
* enlarged gizzard palpable in abdomen
* excessively watery droppings

Store Closed Temporarily


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