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Yellow Babies

The following album contains pictures of yellow hatchlings, nestlings, and fledglings. These pictures are to help others identify Gouldian mutations in the nest.

3 SF Yellow/Blues

3 SF Yellow/Blues 
This is a great example of how hatchlings which are SF Yellow (visually vs dilute) will look exactly the same. This clutch is actually two blues, a SF Yellow Silver (who died the day after this photo unfortunately), a Dilute, and two LB SF Yellows.

Two LB SF Yellow Nestlings (Cocks)

Mouth nodules of a yellow (yellow middle mouth nodule) vs Mouth nodules of a Silver (white middle mouth nodule)

Yellow vs Silver chick

Yellow has yellowy skin; silver has pinker skin.
Note feathers between shoulders on both - this is the real key between the yellow and silver. If you look at the yellows primary wing feather tips they look similar in color, its when you move up the body of the bird you see the real difference.

Clutch of 7 
The four with the pink eyes are the yellows. The chick with the lighter (but not pinkish) eyes/head at the top left is the dilute, and the two dark eyed birds at the bottom right are the two normals

Clutch Shot 
A clutch shot of 7 babies shortly before fledgling. There are four yellow babies in this nest (one is hidden) a dilute, and two normals. You can clearly see here the one yellow in the bottom left is a DF Yellow male - compare him to the two hens who are much lighter in color

Three yellows (in this case DF Yellow/Blue males) and 1 silver

DF Yellow Fledged Male


2 Yellow Hatchlings and 1 Normal Hatchling

Silver and Yellow 
This image illustrates the subtle difference in skin color between silver babies and yellow babies. Note the skin on the silver baby (left) is much more pink, whereas the skin of the yellow baby (right) has more of a yellowish hue to it.

A 2-day old Yellow Hatchling

Yellow nestling


Yellow Fledgling

Yellow Hatchling

Yellow Hatchling

Yellow Nestling



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