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Note: If you plan on ordering more than 15lbs worth of product - PLEASE contact me in advance by emailing me at
My shopping cart is not set up to calculate accurate shipping charges past 15lbs and therefore will not charge you an accurate amount, which means I may need to invoice you for the difference.
By contacting me in advance, I can create an invoice for the entire order and avoid the miscalculated shipping issues.

Also - the shipping charges in my shopping cart are estimates based on data from USPS and UPS. If for any reason you are over charged for shipping, I will always refund the difference.

Thank you for understanding!

Although my shopping cart is hosted through paypal, you do not need to have a paypal account to order from me!

To order product, simply click on the "Add to Cart" button corresponding with the applicable size of the product you would like to buy. This will open a separate "shopping cart" page. If you are buying multiple products - leave this page open! It will update itself as you add product. When you are done selecting the products you would like, simply click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button!

Hatched! is a premium, ultra-pure, 100% natural source of calcium. It is 20% more absorbable than other forms of calcium carbonate. Hatched! is processed using a patented, chemical-free separation process in a U.S. FDA registered facility. It is packaged using FDA approved materials. Hatched! Egg Shell is human-grade, sanitized, pesticide-free and contains no preservatives or artificial coloring.

Avoid the problems of poor absorption, feeding too much or too little when using other forms of calcium. This is like no other eggshell product out there! Human-grade, FDA regulated facility and packaging, crushed, not powdered... This is pure, sanitized eggshell, batch tested and passing with a Certificate of Analysis. TBA's Hatched! is lower in Heavy Metals than any other natural calcium source, making it FDA, USP and California Prop 65 compliant.
Herb Salad and Hatched! compliment each other well and can be served mixed, in the same dish, or side by side.


Hatched! 100% Organic Ground Egg Shell
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Tiffany, just wanted to thank you for all the recent orders. The Twin Beaks Aviary's Hatched!, my birds devour. Also, your shipping charges are the most reasonable I have found. I appreciate all you have done and will be buying from you again here soon.
P.S., love all of the free samples as well.
Robyn B. - Texas

Herb Salad's 100% Organic ingredients are the leaves, roots, bark and flowers of the plants that animals in the wild seek as a means to obtain required nutrients, minerals, vitamins and healing capabilities. It differs from food and water additives such as vitamins and medications in the manner that it allows your birds to choose what it is they require and in what amount, when and if their diet needs supplementing. Herb Salad's 22 medicinal herbs address common health issues safely and without the dangers that improper medicating and over supplementing can produce.


Herb Salad
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Ingredients and Their Indications:
Milk thistle liver repair, heart, lungs, circulation, worms
Oatstraw calcium, magnesium, yeast infections, thyroid
Echinacea antibiotic, antiviral, immunity, vitamins, proteins
Thyme antibacterial, kills & expels worms, diarrhea
Pau d'arco blood cleanser, fights infections, liver, candida
Plantain kidneys, appetite, diarrhea, anti-inflammatory
Dandelion stomach, vitamins, potassium, calcium, kidneys
Marshmallow wounds, calcium, diuretic, demulcent, tonic
Red clover relaxant, antibiotic, inflammations, minerals
Chickweed C, B, D, Anti-inflammatory, stomach, respiratory
Garlic antifungal, antioxidant, fertility, heart
Olive leaf feather problems, improves the will to live
Kelp iodine, thyroid, stimulant, mucous membranes
Elderberry respiratory, anti-inflammatory, blood, appetite
Barberry antiseptic, respiratory, blood purifier, liver
Licorice expectorant, liver, anti-inflammatory, flavor
Yarrow blood, liver, virus & fungal inhibitor, tonic
Astragalus immune system, digestion, energy, kidneys
Lavender digestion, essential oils, stress, metabolism
Wormwood liver, aids digestion, appetite stimulant, worms
Spirulina fertility, growth, stress, color, protein
Wheatgrass circulation, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll


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