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"I have a small aviary of mixed finches, a pair of canaries and a Diamond Dove. Upon receipt of the sample of your Basic Finch blend, I offered it along with the brand I normally feed. The Basic Finch blend hopper is empty and I have already ordered more. I want you to know that the first to sample your Basic Finch blend was my Diamond Dove!
Your new formulation of the Canary blend has been well received by my canaries as well as the finches.
Your Waxbill blend has also been well received.
With such a large cross section of finch types in my collection, I find they "pick" at all the seed varieties which I offer daily in the hoppers. But I do notice when a seed hopper is not touched and do not offer again for not only financial reasons but have to recognize that the birds do not think it nutritious enough to eat."
~~ Lyn M. - PA

Note: If you plan on ordering more than 15lbs worth of seed - PLEASE contact me in advance by emailing me at
My shopping cart is not set up to calculate accurate shipping charges past 15lbs and therefore will not charge you an accurate amount, which means I may need to invoice you for the difference.
By contacting me in advance, I can create an invoice for the entire order and avoid the miscalculated shipping issues.

Also - the shipping charges in my shopping cart are estimates based on data from USPS and UPS. If for any reason you are over charged for shipping, I will always refund the difference.

Thank you for understanding!

Although my shopping cart is hosted through paypal, you do not need to have a paypal account to order from me!


Gouldians Galore Basic Blend

A blend of fresh millets, ideal for finches and small hookbills such as parakeets and parrotlets. This blend does not contain any artificial coloring or vitamin fortification, so it can be used in conjunction with any program on the market. Developed to appeal to all species of finch and eliminate the unnecessary waste of uneaten seed. So fresh, it is suitable for sprouting, too!

Ingredients: White Proso Millet, Japanese Millet, Red Millet, German Millet, Siberian Millet, Canary Seed.

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Gouldians Galore Seasonal Blend

A high quality blend of seeds intended for all species to aid with Molting, Breeding and Conditioning birds for show. Does not contain any vitamin fortification or artificial colors. This mix contains a higher caloric and fat content than the Basic blend and is not meant to be fed as a year round diet. Excellent for mixed species aviaries.

Ingredients: Canary Seed, White Millet, Japanese Millet, German Millet, Siberian Millet, Red Millet, Thistle, Caraway

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Gouldians Galore Waxbill Mix

Similar to our Basic Finch Mix but with a higher concentration of the smaller millet varieties that the waxbills prefer! This blend was a favorite among my Cordon Bleus and FireFinches. Great for other smaller finch species as well such as Owl Finches. Suitable for sprouting, too!

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