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Available Birds For Sale - 2014

I have a limited number of offspring available for sale each year. Preference is given to prior customers and those individuals who are currently working with (breeding and showing) Gouldians. I am open to trading with like-minded breeders producing birds of similar quality.

All of the birds I sell come with an individual identification "certificate" that outlines the genetics of both their parents and themselves. It also contains their band information (all babies are close banded with NFSS bands and a colored split band representing lineage) and hatch date. All birds are parent-raised unless specified otherwise.

For any questions please do not hesitate to email me.Our facilities are located in Pasadena, MD.

To put yourself on a waiting list for a particular color combination currently not available, please email me with what you're looking for.

The following birds are currently available for sale:

Gouldian Finches
Normals $65
Yellows: $75
Self Societies and Pearl Societies
Selfs $25
Pearls $35
Creaminos $50

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Shipping is available via Delta Pet First or Continental for those who are not within driving distance. Please note this year Delta raised the rates for shipping animals significantly, and the total cost with the crate can come out to be close to $150-$175 depending on the location the birds are being shipped.
Continental has maintained their shipping costs (hopefully they keep them low to be competitive) and I have shipped through Continental many times without any problems. The total cost to ship through Continental Airlines is generally around $100, which includes the cost of the shipping crate.
If shipping via Delta, the box and birds are paid for in advance and the birds are shipped COD - to be paid for upon arrival at the buyer's airport. When shipping Continental, the box, birds and shipping charges are to be paid in advance.

Please contact me if you are interested in shipping birds. There is no minimum purchase requirement at this time.
I understand the importance of receiving quality birds - so all birds are thoroughly photographed and weighed for selection purposes. I do not ship un-molted juveniles, and I will not ship USPS.

Customer Testimonials

Dear Tiffany,
I want to thank you for making the selection and purchase of my Gouldian Finches such a pleasure. I feel you went above and beyond to answer my many questions and dozens of emails. I remain so pleased with the quality of the birds you sold me. They are just so beautiful and healthy. This was the first time I have ever purchased birds that had to be transported through the airlines. I also appreciate all your help in arranging the shipment through Delta. The whole process went seamlessly, and the birds seemed unfazed by the ordeal. I will definitely stay in touch as I am interested in obtaining other varieties as they become available. Sincerely,
- Patrick (Tuscaloosa, AL)


I just wanted to thank you again for the colorful little bundles of joy you've brought into our lives. They've enriched our lives in so many ways and never cease to amaze us with their unquenchable curiosity, amusing antics, and enchanting songs.
Having attended a couple of bird shows and seen the birds that typically are on the market, I can honestly tell you I've never seen any that matched your birds' quality. And I realize that isn't by accident, but rather a result of good genetics and sound breeding practices, along with the meticulous day-to-day care and diet they receive, including the upkeep of their physical environment. There will always be birds at some of these shows that may be available at slightly lower cost, but as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately many of the breeders we've run across seem to be more concerned with quantity than quality -- caring mainly about moving more and more birds through the production pipeline rather than about carefully and conscientiously arranging for their birds to have breeding outcomes that produce healthy, beautiful birds. If you want a top-quality bird that -- with continued proper care -- actually has a real shot at thriving, you've got to be willing to pay a bit more. It will more than make up for itself in reduced worry, medications, veterinary costs, and possibly at some point, loss of the bird altogether.
Each of the 3 birds we've acquired from you has been exceptionally healthy, happy, chock-full of personality, stunningly beautiful, and quite photogenic -- truly the picture of health in every way. I cannot say enough -- or recommend you highly enough -- to anyone considering the addition of a finch to their home. They can't go wrong with any that you've produced.
I'm attaching a few favorite shots of our thriving "little ones" we've taken over the past couple of years.
Best regards,
- David (Washington, DC)


It is time to catch up and let you know how your little ones are doing.

We are making our plans for the fall breeding season, starting an austerity period for those all molted up. We just moved the Chaz (your RH-LB-Y/B male) over into the "big boy" cage today, as he has finally finished up his juvenile molt! I thought we'd send a picture to show you how robust and beautiful he is. He is our most active male, and I can't wait to see the babies he makes.

Athena, the all BH WB Silver female we got from you, is just finishing up her molt, and is my favorite bird of all time.

Not only are your birds some of the most healthy and beautiful I have ever seen, but your care after the sale has been superb, and we are grateful for the continued support. Seeing your flock in person convinced us to move to the BirdsRUs seed line that you carry, and we are beginning to see the difference with the first fledge/molt.

Take care, and see you somewhere this fall for more seed!

Cristol G. - Pennsylvania
Chaz - the RH Lilac/White SF Yellow/Blue Male:

Dear Tiffany:
The yellow juvenile hen I bought from you has quickly become one of my favorite birds. She adapted easily to her new surroundings, is energetic, and as promised, she has had no difficulties going through her first molt. I've purchased Gouldians from many different breeders over the years, and although they all had nice birds, yours are by far of a superior quality. In addition to having spectacular birds, I found you to be accommodating, knowledgeable, and communicative. Thank you for the great experience. I look forward to purchasing more birds from you in the future!
Jason O. - New York

I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the Gouldians I bought from Tiffany. Not only did she help me learn about Gouldians, she followed up with emails to make sure the birds were doing ok. I always use her as a primary resource when I've got questions. She's the best! Tiffany is very knowledgeable about Gouldians and has high quality birds. Her facility is super clean, she takes great care and pride in raising these gorgeous birds. Every single time I go to her place to pick up my new addition to my family I never want to leave. I feel like bringing home every single one with me. It's very hard to leave her place with only one bird. You can tell she puts a great amount of time and effort into her birds. Her birds are healthy, happy, and of course beautiful. My Gouldians are doing great and are in great condition. I know that I will continue to buy my birds from her. It has been a total pleasure to do business with Tiffany, and I could not be happier with her birds. I can highly recommend 'Gouldians Galore' to you!
Jenny Amador - Mine Hill, NJ

Hi Tiffany,
The birds are doing really great. They have changed a lot since last week. There has been a bunch of molting and feather changes. My five year old has named them. The male is Carl and the female is Ariel. Carl is delightful, he is shy and cautious but, very attentive and curious. He is also becoming more and more yellow by the day. Ariel is really changing. She has many colors coming in. Ariel is more confident and assertive. She cheeps a good part of the day and fly's around more. I am enjoying them so much. I look forward to seeing them every morning. I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your patience. I know it took me quite a while to select two birds. I appreciate all of your suggestions and advice on caring for baby Gouldians. Your appreciation and knowledge of these birds is apparent. I admire your dedication to the Gouldian species. They truly are interesting, inquisitive and beautiful birds.I am certain that I will be adding to these two. I really find them fascinating. I think in a few months, once I have a big space set up for them, I'd like to add a couple more!
Jen Lyons - New York

I bought a beautiful double factor yellow split for blue juvenile from Tiffany. He is healthy and the service from Tiffany wasoutstanding. She obviously understands and cares about these creatures.
Trisha - Pennsylvania

I had an extra copy made of your Silver Male for you. As you can see, he turned out gorgeous. Thanks again for sharing him with me.
Joe M. - Maryland




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