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Silver Babies

The following album contains pictures of silver hatchlings, nestlings, and fledglings. These pictures are to help others identify Gouldian mutations in the nest

A SF Yellow Silver (Lilac Breast) chick 
The same clutch at an older age - Notice the blue chick bottom right - see the skin on the wings and how the dark color is coming in and is easily visible? Contrast this to the baby in the upper left whose wings are still pink - this is the baby that is a SF Yellow Silver cock (LB)

A SF Yellow Silver (Lilac Breast) chick 
This clutch has two blues and one baby that is a LB SF Yellow Silver cock. The easiest way to tell in this case is by the mouth markings and watching the skin color of the wings as the baby matures

Day 3 
Oldest three babies are now 3 days old. The yellow is much more obvious now - can you spot him? Also - try to see the difference in the middle mouth nodule on the yellow vs silver chicks!

Middle nodule on blue body (Blue, silver or pastel) = White
Middle nodule on yellow, green or dilute body = yellow

Mouth Nodule Difference 
Showing difference between middle mouth nodules of a yellow (or green) body chick and a chick that is genetically blue body (blue, silver or pastel). The yellow (or green) chick has yellow middle nodules whereas the blue body chick has white middle nodules

Clutch of six. 5 Silvers, 1 DF Yellow/blue male or Yellow/Blue hen

Body Color Difference 
Difference in skin and feather color between silvers and yellows - skin is pinker, feathers between the shoulders are more yellow. This is the trick on where to look - because note the primary wing tips look dull grey just like the silver babies!

Just Before Fledging

Just Before Fledging

Silvers + Yellow 
The silver babies at 2 days and 1 day old. Hatch Dates 12/21/08 (3) and 12/22/08 (3) This picture is a good indication of the skin color difference between yellows and silvers. Can you spot him?

Silver + Yellow

5 Silvers + 1 Yellow. Can you spot him? [Far Right]

Silver Hatchlings

Silver Hatchlings

Three Yellow/Blues (top) and 1 Silver (bottom). Notice the skin color difference


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